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Sonic Sounds Dulcimer Club

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Some of our favorite links:

Click on the link below for the following TAB that we play: Aragon Mill, Wildwood Flower, Boil them Cabbage, Mississippi Sawyer, & Soldier's Joy

Hetzlers Fakebook (midi files)

Taylor's Traditional Tune Book (midi files & lyrics)

North GA Foothills Dulcimer Association

Dogwood Dulcimer Association - TAB

Everything Dulcimer - TAB & More... (%)

Click on the link below for the following TAB we play: You are My Sunshine, Turnip Greens & Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening

Jam'N Folk - TAB (&)

Dulcimer Sessions Webzine (TAB & Lessons)

NOTE: The site below is a Yahoo Group and requires membership - there is no Fee and the site is monitored. The TAB is listed in the FILES section of the site located on the left of their home page)

Public Domain Dulcimer Yahoo Group - TAB (#)

Folk Music Midi Files from America, et. al.

FREE On-line Lesson links

Athens Dulcimer Club beginner videos

NEED HELP TUNING to DAD Mixolidian - this site has a great video to help you tune and a great info page for this tuning and for other tunings as well. We use the DAD tuning with our beginning TABs.

Folk of the Wood online Lessons

Gila Mtn. Dulcimer Lessons

Meets Weekly (except June & July) at First United Methodist Church, 600 N Houston Lake RD, Centerville, GA 31028 478-953-3090